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I guess I just like liking things

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Robin Williams passed away yesterday. Details are few, but it seems likely his severe depression was the cause of him taking his own life. It’s always difficult to hear about death, even more difficult to hear about suicide, and especially difficult when it comes at the end of a longtime sickness for which help was available. When it […]

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It’s my 42nd birthday today, so I thought I’d take what that number portends and talk a little about my favorite things I’m a fan of. I don’t have the energy (or memory!) I once did to memorize all kinds of facts and figures, so my participation these days is more passive. At the same […]

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What do you do when your beloved TV show has made literally a billion dollars? What’s there left to accomplish? If you’re Jerry Seinfeld (and in this scenario, you’d kind of have to be) you go small. Really small. Predicated on the notion that “hey, people might like it if I went out for coffee […]


I know it doesn’t seem like it all the time, but I do plan posts ahead many times.  Sure, there are some “yikes, I better take a lunch break and get something written!” moments, but I often have an idea ahead of time, even if it isn’t written yet. And then there are times when […]


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Whose Line is coming back to TV this summer, with Ryan, Colin, and Wayne returning. Drew won’t be, but we get Aisha Tyler instead, and by the look of her in this clip, I think we’ll be fine: That wasn’t a comment about Aisha being prettier than Drew, […]