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I guess I just like liking things

allofmeSome of you might recall how we were a crucial part of getting The Compleat Al released on DVD. Well, your help is needed again.

All of Me was #4 on my Steve Martin list, but I admitted it was going mostly off memory as I hadn’t seen it in a long, long time. The main reason I haven’t seen it in a long, long time is that it’s impossible to.  Okay, not impossible, but very, very difficult. The only DVD made for it was a full frame version, which might as well be a coaster/Frisbee/terrible donut. There are digital versions here and there, but that is unacceptable. It is high time there was a widescreen edition available, and, of course, a Blu-Ray.

In case you can’t read the text on the movie poster to the right, here’s how it sums up the plot:

They say that behind every great man there’s a woman. But in this case it’s ridiculous.

When rich, eccentric Edwina Cutwater died, a crazy guru tried to transport her soul into the body of a beautiful young woman.

But the guru goofed. And Edwina’s soul has accidentally taken over the entire right side of her lawyer, Roger Cobb. He still controls what’s left.

Now, Edwina and Roger are living together in the same body.

He’s losing his job. He’s losing his girlfriend.

And he just can’t seem to get her out of his system. No matter how hard he tries.

It’s a romantic comedy with mystical elements, which I realize doesn’t sound all that groundbreaking, but I will say again: the scene where Steve tries walking down the street after being half-possessed is one of the funniest bits of physical comedy I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know how much actors have input on what gets released how – I suspect is isn’t much, but I also suspect that if Steve or Lily were to want it done, it’d get done. I wonder, though, how Steve feels about this one now. It was on this movie that he met Victoria Tennant. They were married two years later and then divorced eight years after that (a couple of years after making L. A. Story together). By most accounts, the divorce hit Steve very hard, and I can’t help wondering if it would be difficult for him to talk about this movie, even 30 years later.

I don’t know what y’all did last time to make these things happen, but I’d appreciate you doing it again for this one, okay?


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