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I guess I just like liking things

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Before recording this video, I had never played Q*Bert. This was a fact that Mark couldn’t even. He just couldn’t even on that one. So I said I’d play it in order to 1. Finally be able to say I had and 2. Stop looking for an MMO that wasn’t 97 gazillion gigs to download. Worked out quite neatly.

Apparently I have huge issues with the off center directions because I sent my little Berts (we’re friends, we can drop the formalities and the Q*s) over the edge many, many times. My theory is that the Q*Bert play field is actually one of millions in a vast galaxy.  Every Bert that falls over the edge reaches terminal velocity and becomes a red ball, smooshing other Berts in revenge and jealousy. “Oh, you’re not falling through the empty blackness of space? Here, let me smoosh you instead.” It’s a very good theory.

Anyway, I like this old game thing. I enjoy it, and may do this instead of MMOs for a while. There’s many old games I’d be pleased to revisit to see if I can still play them, or even if they were as good as I remember them to be. Can you look back? Into the hazy crazy days of youth and the perfection of a perfect score in Wacky Wheels? Is it wise to long for those heady days of nostalgia and delight? No idea. Probably?

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