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I guess I just like liking things

I am forgoing your normally scheduled Music Monday because zwolanerd turned 1 last Friday. Those who object my preempting Music Monday need to take the following advice from Phil & Lem:


It has been an interesting year for me. I started with a “let’s see if I can post every day for a month” and turned into “how about another?” which apparently turned into twelve. Weird.

A year later and I still don’t have an exact handle on what the site is or will be. Turns out it’s hard to have a plan for the future when I don’t even know what tomorrow’s Tuesday 10 is going to be! I do know that it has been an outlet for me to talk about things I like, and I’m glad that entries here and there have appealed to you. I knew going in that not everyone would read/like everything I post, and learning that that’s okay has been a good thing for me. Now I can write a post about Q*bert knowing ahead of time it will be a low-hit entry and not worry about it. I mean, sure, you always want everyone to read and like everything all the time, but that’s ridiculous. First off, I’m not Steinbeck over here, and second, you never know what you’re going to get from day to day. I’ve always wondered if a more consistent tone or subject would make a difference, but since I don’t have one, we might never know.

One of my favorite things that has happened this year is the addition of other staff writers; Meags, Lyn, and Mike have combined to write a total of 26 posts, and I’m hopeful that’s just a start. I really appreciate each of them being a part of zwolanerd, and I wouldn’t mind more regular writers.  Honestly, if this place turned into a huge conglomeration of writers I would love it. For now, though, my special thanks go out to these writers and to those who contributed to the guest week this summer.

A few numbers for those who like that kind of thing:

  • Total posts: 282 (which is 12 more than a year’s worth of M-F blogging)
  • Total comments: Either 1,261 or 1,111, I can’t tell. WordPress still confuses me
  • Posts tagged “Q*bert”: 8 (which isn’t all that many, folks, come on)
  • TV posts: 93
  • Movies: 85
  • Videogames: 45
  • Music: 36
  • Liveblog posts: 3
  • Posts that use the word “furshlugginer”: 1
  • Images in the site’s media library: 243
  • Ad money brought in: $0 (distributed evenly amongst all writers for the site – fair is fair!)

Thank you for coming by, whether it’s daily, weekly, or this is your first time ever. I appreciate the support and the feedback (both positive and negative, really!), and I hope you’ll continue coming back. And, hey, if you mention the site to a few  of your friends, that’d be all right, too.




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