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I guess I just like liking things

I have hesitated to do this list for a while because it would be way more effective with animated GIF screenshots, but I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do that. On top of that, there’s like three of you that even play this game, so I’m basically saying to the world at large, “Hey! Don’t read today!”

But, hey, I’m still playing the game all these months later, and I’m still enjoying it for the most part.  The new Krustyland expansion has me feelign liek I’m playing two different games that are odds with each other, but I’m willing to see how that all plays out.

For now, though, here are my favorite tasks I can give characters in the game.

10. Nelson – Laugh at Others’ Misfortune (24 hours) – He doesn’t audibly say “Ha ha!” every few seconds, which is probably a good thing. can you imagine how quickly that would drive you crazy? He will occasionally say it when you tap on him, and that’s about right.

9. Duffman – Promote Duff (6 hours) – He rides around on a Segway, flags a-wavin’. Good times.

8. Professor Frink – Ride Flying Machine (1 hour) – It’s a goofy wing-flapping thing and he wears some great headgear.

7. Sea captain – Tell a Tall Tale (4 hours) – He pulls out a box to put one foot on and a pipe, and it’s easy to imagine him reciting “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

6. Rex Banner – Interrogate Flanders (8 hours) – Rex grabs Flanders by the shirt front and yells and gesticulates. Flanders looks suitably afraid.

5. Legs & Louie – Interrogate a Squealer (1 hour) – It used to be that you had to have water somewhere in your town for this to work, but I don’t think that’s the case any more. Legs and Louie dunk a guy’s head in a barrel for a while.

4. Bare Chested Willie – Wrestle a Snake (1 hour) – This one’s from the Whacking Day event. Part of what I love about this one is the transition. As soon as you select the task, Willie falls to the ground, a snake materializes, and they start wrestling.

3. Wolfcastle – Go In for a Closer Inspection of his Laces (36 hours) – Wolfcastle literally stands in one place for 36 hours, bent over looking at his shoes. Hilarious.

2. Duffman – Promote Duff at Stadium (2 hours) – Duffman flies around Duff Stadium on a jetpack. It’s just too cool.

1. Grampa – Feed the Birds (8 hours) – Grampa Simpson sits on a park bench and feeds birds. I can’t explain exactly why this one is my favorite, but it has something to do with how peaceful it is. You’ve got Bart using his slingshot, Mr. Burns walking dogs, Barney throwing up in the gutter – all these frantic things going on, and here’s Grampa feeding some birds.  You’d be surprised at how happy it makes me to select this task for him.

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