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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free, or you can pour your life savings into it*
Client: PC
Get it at:

I’m not actually sure if this is still called Entropia Universe or not. Maybe. It might also be called Planet Calypso – who knows? Not me.  Anyway, once you’ve downloaded the client and can launch the game you then have to download more client. This is not unusual in MMOs these days – they’ll download enough to get you going then continue the download while you jump in. It was not a thing I was informed of, so it was a bit irritating.

As a result of this background downloading, my entire head lagged right off. As mentioned in the video – I intend to finish the download and tutorial missions and then revisit the game because it looks, graphically, amazing. It also looks complicated, so that’s not really going to go well for me. But anyway, it’s gorgeous. I might have to crank my settings down to play properly though, which is sad. You don’t care, do you? Okay.

*I mention the life savings because as well as in game currency and items, you can buy real estate. There’s a complaint on the Facebook page from a guy who can’t use the store he paid US$3000 for. So you know, if you wanted something to throw money at, why not this? Apparently you can also make money from this game. It’s billed as a “real cash economy” but I’d rather just hoard my cash in a dragon infested cave like a normal person.


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