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I guess I just like liking things

UPDATE 12/2/14: I finally got this achievement, but it was stupid how I had to do it. I reinstalled the game and ran through from the ground up again. I got a challenge to collect 20 items and after beating that challenge, the achievement popped.

I have been playing Temple Run 2 on my Windows Phone for about nine months. I got my first achievement for it on December 21, 2013, and figured I’d have all of them by now. I”m still missing one, the elusive “Bonus Items (Collected 20 bonus items).” Now, I have collected way more than 20 bonus items, which are things like gems, treasure chests, and whatnot. However, it seems you have to collect them after being given the task to collect them, and that hasn’t been delegated to me yet.

Take a look at my current stats for the game:


First off, the idea that I’ve played 1,169 games of Temple Run 2 is mind-boggling. However, this is my go-to game while waiting in line, waiting for computers to reboot, waiting for updates to install, that kind of thing. And a game of 100 meters takes significantly less time than one of 35,000.

That’s not the stat the bugs me, though. It’s that total distance one: 4.2 million. It seems like a lot, but that’s not the point. The point is that in all that time, I still haven’t collected the last ring. See, in Temple Run 2, you can collect gems and coins and “artifacts.” The artifacts show up as treasure boxes in the game, which you have to jump to collect while you’re running. You miss the jump, you don’t get the artifact. If you get the artifact, you don’t know what you’ve gotten until the end of the race – the treasure box opens and your prize is revealed.

Take a look at this:


This is a combination of three screens. On the left are my current objectives, one of which is to collect all ten rings. On the right two screens, you’ll see how many times I’ve collected each ring. So far I have collected 39+ rings (the one got cut off in my screencap), but I still haven’t collected all ten rings.

They’ve added a couple of special event collections, like 4th of July and Christmas, both with five things to collect. I finished both collections fairly quickly and earned a hat I could wear (a Santa one and an Uncle Sam one). There must have been some adjustable setting they can manipulate so people can collect those all around the appropriate time of year.

But, see, that settings manipulation is what frustrates me. I’ve collected 39+ rings and run more than 4.2 million meters, but I still don’t have the last ring. And there’s nothing I can do about it! Most games will set you up for eventual success, often as a result of either hard work or time spent. This one, it seems, doesn’t give two hoots about how you do or how long you’ve been doing it. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

The thing is, I’m not even sure the rings play into the achievement I’m after. There’s some debate that the achievement I need is glitched and I’ll need to uninstall the game (and my progress in it), reinstall, and try again.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

What I really need is for there to be a Sonic the Hedgehog character I can purchase. I’ve already gotten the Usain Bolt character, but we all know that Sonic’s the best at collecting rings. He’d get it done.


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