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I guess I just like liking things

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I’ve looked at Maple Story many times over the years when bored with whatever it is I’m currently playing, but never got around to actually playing it. It’s certainly cute. I’m not a fan of the long winded quest texts though – tell me what to kill and leave me alone is my preference. Edited out of this video is the basic tutorial, which is then recapped in quest text 3 seconds later in case you’d been distracted by a bright light. So much to read, so can’t be bothered reading it. I suppose it makes for a nice deep story though.

Maple Story has been ticking over for 9 years now which is ancient in the MMO world so they are clearly doing something very right. I have several characters (due to recording this a few weeks ago and having everything crash and break on me) and as far as I can tell you can have 6 toons per server. With a level cap of 250 there’s plenty of alt-levelling to be done.

For some reason I always thought this was a browser game, which it isn’t. Maybe it was originally? Anyway there’s a hefty client download to contend with if you’re willing. It appears to be a fairly adorable time waster so worth a poke if you’re looking for something a bit different to the usual Fantasy MMO.

In other news, this is the third video I attempted for this week. The first was after a 2 day download of some ridiculous game which would then refuse to load while I had my recording software open in case I was hacking in some bizarre way (because I’ve nothing better to do with my time than hack mediocre MMOs). The second just failed. So I am pretty much demanding praise for getting this done, and you may pat me on the head in the comments thank you.


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