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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free to play, premium stuff available
Client: Browser
Play it at:

Settlers II Gold Edition ate my weekends for many many months back in the day. There was something oddly satisfying about watching my little blue guys run around and do my bidding, although combat was never my strong point. I just like building little roads and buildings and hearing the dove coo when I got mail. A series of “not quite up to it” PCs meant I had to leave the Settlers story, but I did have Paths to a Kingdom for a while (I still do, I’m just not sure this PC is up to it, frankly.)

Settlers Online is basically Settlers II with shinier graphics. There’s a network of players on your server I assume you can trade with or battle, and as you can see there’s a row of “Add Friend” slots which makes it feel a bit Facebooky. I know they did have a FB version of this or something like it (My Village I think it was called) but I don’t know if that’s still open or not and there’d be a whole new tab, search situation so I’m not really going to look for it for you. Sorry.

It’s graphically pretty, little bit shouty overall, but quite nice to play if you’re into the settlers as a concept.


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