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I guess I just like liking things

Q*Bella, a Dalish elf who just wants to help out

Q*Bella, a Dalish elf who just wants to help out

Please allow me to introduce you to someone new. This is Q*bella, a Dalish elf rogue who hasn’t yet decided on an official specialty, but whose current specialty is shooting at things with arrows from a great distance. She is eager to help almost anyone, as long as they aren’t a complete jerkface (or a Darkspawn (but I repeat myself)), and she really wants everything to be okay again. She’s still not completely sure how she got chosen for all of this, but if she can help fix it, she guesses that’ll be all right. She’s currently a Level 15 rogue, but there’s a lot going on, so she won’t stay there long. Not only are there weird green rifts in the sky that need closing, there are also books to find, druffalos to skin, dungeons to loot, castle decorating to do, and friends to make (the end of the world may be close at hand, but there’s no excuse for facing it alone and unstylishly!).

I wanted you to meet her because we’ve been hanging out a lot lately, so her name will probably come up again. You can check out her page on Facebook if you want.


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