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I guess I just like liking things


When I played SimCity last week, Mark said he’d never even seen SimAnt, so now I know how he feels when I tell him I haven’t seen [insert pretty much any movie here]. So, at his request, here is SimAnt.

If you’re wanting a high octane power fueled zooming game of dare devilry and explosions, you are in luck! No not really, SimAnt is a game of strategy. Slow, drawn out strategy as you do you darndest to take over the entire backyard and house while wiping out the red ants. The red ants not only compete for food, but are a threat to your queens so the sooner you can smoosh them the better.

When you die (and you will), you are reborn as a new ant right away assuming your queen is still alive. If she’s died, and you die – that’s game over. You can die not just from starvation and red ant attack. Many threats wander the yard including a spider and a lawnmower. Since the guy who lives in the house with his dog spends an unnatural amount of time mowing the lawn, this is a constant threat.

It’s a pretty simple premise, and oddly compelling. If you like simulation games or strategy games and haven’t played this, it’s worth an hour of your time. Don’t blame me when that hour becomes an all night session and you have to explain to your boss why you keep whispering “the red ants are coming.”


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