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I guess I just like liking things

We here at Zwolanerd love us some Q*bert.  You can have your Pac-Men and your Space Invaders, but our list starts at Q. So, to celebrate, here are three pieces of Q*bert art.

Three because cubed. Or “Q*b-ed.”  There you go.

Our first one is from Rich Barrett. For a while he was doing an illustrated “geek alphabet,” and this was his entry for the letter Q.  It’s not currently on his site, but maybe it will come back?

Q is for Q*bert


Next is from Gameroom Junkies.  The print is fun, but so is the reference to Q*bert being “the people’s champion.”

Almost thoughtful, this Q*bert


Not all art is print art, and I happen to think this is just about neat enough to make me want to learn to crochet. User JenGoPop posted this one in the forums at

This thing is almost too awesome

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