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I guess I just like liking things

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This weekend I made a 5-hour round trip to go see an art exhibit in Chicago. Normally I wouldn’t travel more than, say, 15 minutes to go to an art show that didn’t feature art by someone I knew, but I made an exception in this case because the art was all Ghostbusters-themed. Gallery nineteen […]


This weekend was crazy with lots of driving and a wedding and Internet that didn’t work at the hotel and… bleah. Short version: I don’t have this week’s episode watched and written up. Please accept this Better Off Q*bert drawing from The Daily Q*bert as an apology:

Okay, so I went ahead and did it. I mean, it was about time, right? All I want to do in Draw Something anymore is draw Q*berts, so why not just draw a Q*bert every day? Now, I will say that I didn’t name it “Daily Q*bert Drawing” on purpose, as I wanted to leave […]


I’ve talked about Space Channel 5 before, how it’s a music-based rhythm game where intrepid space reporter Ulala saves the galaxy from the invading Morolians by dancing and how Space Michael Jackson shows up to help out a little. So I know you’re all familiar with it, even if you haven’t played it. The game […]


I know the target audience for this joke is kind of small, but I guarantee that if you show it to a Mass Effect-loving friend of yours, they will at the very least give it a nose laugh. ¬†And on the Internet, nose laughter is basically what “ROFL” means, anyway. I have long promised you […]

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