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I guess I just like liking things

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Batman Week continues with a look at my favorite Batlogos. I’ll have to be honest here, I hadn’t seen some of these before finding this reference sheet. To make things simpler, I’ve used that reference sheet as a basis, even though it is wrong wrong wrong about the logo for Tim Burton’s Batman, and that […]

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I have had the good fortune over the last ten years to make some awesome friends on the Internet. The majority of them have had a positive impact on my life while at the same time making me feel like a talentless jerkwad buffoon.  Many of these talented folks are artists, and some of them […]


The last time I talked about Draw Something it inspired some of my friends to take their turns, so this site has made itself worthwhile, I feel. I now have about 10 active games taking place, which seems about right. Too many would turn the game into a full-time job, and the virtual coins don’t […]

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We here at Zwolanerd love us some Q*bert.  You can have your Pac-Men and your Space Invaders, but our list starts at Q. So, to celebrate, here are three pieces of Q*bert art. Three because cubed. Or “Q*b-ed.”  There you go. Our first one is from Rich Barrett. For a while he was doing an […]