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I guess I just like liking things

Batman Week continues with a look at my favorite Batlogos. I’ll have to be honest here, I hadn’t seen some of these before finding this reference sheet. To make things simpler, I’ve used that reference sheet as a basis, even though it is wrong wrong wrong about the logo for Tim Burton’s Batman, and that does make me wonder how many of the other ones are incorrect.


1997 - Batman & Robin

10. I know the movie is terrible, but I can’t help liking the integrated Robin symbol

9. The one that started it off. Batman kind of looks like a vampire here.

9. The one that started it off. Batman kind of looks like a vampire here.

1999 - Batman Beyond

8. I love how they perfectly updated it to look all future-y. It is a shame I haven’t seen more episodes of this show

1993 - Knightfall

7. This one looks like you could really do some damage with it if you threw it

1989 - Legends of the Dark Knight

6. This is one I hadn’t seen before, but I love the severe Flying V look it has going on. Batman is a plane now: tremble, criminals!

2011 - Batman: Arkham City

5. I’ll admit that part of the reason I like this one so much is because I like the game so much.

2008 - Batman: The Brave and the Bold

4. I haven’t seen this series, either, but have heard it’s delightfully nutty.

1983 - Batman and the Outsiders

3. I’ve never even heard of this series, but I really like this simplified logo.

2008 - The Dark Knight

2. Honestly, this might be my actual favorite, but my #1 has major nostalgia points in its column. This one is just so perfect, though.

1989 - Batman

1. It had to be this one. This is the logo that started me on Batman, it’s the one I’ll draw if asked to draw a Batlogo, and it’s the one most people think of.



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