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I guess I just like liking things

Okay, so I went ahead and did it. I mean, it was about time, right? All I want to do in Draw Something anymore is draw Q*berts, so why not just draw a Q*bert every day?

Now, I will say that I didn’t name it “Daily Q*bert Drawing” on purpose, as I wanted to leave room for pictures and other stuff, but so far it’s been drawings.  I know I’m not a great artist, but it’s been an important growth step for me, this not caring that I’m not a great artist while I’m trying to improve.  You may enjoy the Q*berts, you may not – it’s all good either way! Furthermore, I’d love to post your Q*berts, so draw ’em if you got ’em and let me know!

Part of the process is figuring out how to draw the Q*berts. I don’t think I’m ready for actual pen and paper, so I’m pursuing digital means. The easiest is to draw him in a game on Draw Something and take a screenshot, but I don’t always have turns to take, and I don’t want my opponents to stop playing because “all he ever draws is Q*bert.” So I’m mixing those in with some other things and playing around with a few apps on iPad. So far I’ve used Paper and Sketchbook Express, but Adobe Ideas and Sketchbook Ink show some promise.

I promised the winner of the Giveaway a drawing of Q*bert, and he wanted one of Q*bert smashing a computer, so here it is:

Honestly, we've all wanted to do this exact thing.

Honestly, we’ve all wanted to do this exact thing.

Now to take some art lessons and get crackin’.



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