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I guess I just like liking things


The Simpsons have been around a long time and they’ve influenced (and been influenced by) most other forms of entertainment.  “Simpsons did it” is often meant as a “you’re not original” put-down, but I feel like it is a form of praise for The Simpsons at the same time.  Sure, you can argue about the quality of the show over the years, but you can’t argue that they haven’t had a lot of great stuff.

Any time there’s a musical episode, or even just one song in an episode, there’s a good chance something great is going to happen.  I am not ashamed to admit I’ve purchased every Simpsons soundtrack album, and I’m even less ashamed to admit that I have several of them in heavy rotation on my playlists.  Here are my ten favorite Simpsons songs (the YouTube links are of varying quality because of copyright issues):

10. Rappin’ Ronnie Reagan – I’ll admit this isn’t a great song, but it amuses me greatly.  Homer’s “He did say ‘well’ a lot!” is the icing on the cake.

9. Happy Birthday, Lisa – This is just such a happy little song.  I love how they fit Michael Jackson into the episode, and I love this one nice thing Bart did for his sister.

8. We Do (The Stonecutters’ Song) – Take that, Masonic lodges!  Never saw that satiric takedown coming, did you?

7. The Mediocre Presidents – You wouldn’t believe how often I say “[I’m] William Henry Harrison, I died in 30 days!” in an average month. You really wouldn’t.

6. I’m Checkin’ In – I sing this one a lot when I use Foursquare, and I wish I was joking.

5. A Streetcar Named Desire – I actually have a friend named Stella, so I get to use this one a bunch, too.

4. Talkin’ Softball – You’ll find this one at the top of most lists like this.  It captures a bygone era and gives it the Simpsons stamp in incredible ways.  This is technically the best song in the group, and I do love it, but there’s three more I like better.

3. A Fish Called Selma – Otherwise known as “The Planet of the Apes Musical.” Phil Hartman was so amazing in so many different things, but you always got the impression that being on The Simpsons was some of his favorite stuff.  Using “Rock Me, Amadeus” as a basis for “Dr. Zaius” is so completely mind-blowingly bizarre and perfect that I sometimes can’t even handle it.

2. The Monorail Song – Phil Hartman again, this time as Lyle Lanley, huckster extraordinaire. One of the best songs from one of the all-time greatest episodes of The Simpsons. “Sorry, mom, the mob has spoken!”

1. Baby On Board – Listen, I know this song isn’t better than Monorail, Talkin’ Softball, or maybe five or six other ones.  That’s why this isn’t a “Best Of” list, it’s a “Favorites” list. I love this song because it sounds good, it’s sweet, and I love to sing along to it. If I were ever in a barbershop quartet, I would quit in a rage if they refused to do this one.  The Beatles joke at the end is just an extra bonus.

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