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I guess I just like liking things

I'm still not sure how they concealed the jet engine in this thing

I’m still not sure how they concealed the jet engine in this thing

I know when a post I put up isn’t going to get much traction – sometimes it’s something I feel more strongly about than anyone else, sometimes it’s a topic nobody cares about, and sometimes, like today, it’s just something not a lot of folks have much experience about.

…actually, the more I think about it, the more today’s could fall into all three of those categories. No matter!

These are the Dreamcast games I put the most time into. I don’t have them quantified, of course, and I’m relying on memory, so if I’m ever brought into a court of law where they somehow have the exact recorded times, I’m probably going away for a long, long time.

I still have the Dreamcast I bought the day it was released (9/9/1999) along with another blue one. Some day I’ll buy the black “sports” one and have the complete set. I still have all these games (plus about 15 more), and I still peruse the Dreamcast offerings when a used game store I’m in has any.

10. Q*bert – You’d think this one would be higher on the list, but I didn’t get this until long after the Dreamcast was discontinued. It had 2-player mode, some differently-shaped pyramids, and updated graphics, but also had the original game.

9. Space Channel 5 – Because I’m just not that good at rhythm games, I had to get a friend of mine to play this one through to the end so I could see it. Thing you might know about this game: Space Michael Jackson shows up in it. No, that “space” is not a typo.

8. Virtua Fighter 3tb – As I’ve mentioned, I love the VF series. I don’t remember much about this entry specifically, though.

7. Tee Off – Even though it was “cartoony golf” rather than “realistic golf,” it was still golf.

6. Jet Grind Radio – This is one of the most fondly remembered games from the Dreamcast. A version was recently released for the Xbox, but I doubt I’ll pick it up. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t much good at it (this is a theme through most of my videogaming history, as you have no doubt noticed by now).

5. Soul Calibur – This was one of my two launch day purchases, and its arcade quality visuals blew me away. I’ll never profess to understand the Soul Calibur storyline even a little (there’s an evil sword, but that’s pretty much all I got), but I have enjoyed the series over the years.

4. Star Wars: Episode I: Racer – Sure the movie was not good and sure the pod racing scene was about as extraneous as things get, but this racing game was fantastic…once you got past the repeated-too-often voiceclips.

3. NFL2K – The other of my two launch day purchases. To this day, I don’t like the Madden series because this series was so much better. If you’ve read about those bitter types who are still angry that EA has a monopoly on NFL games then you’ve read about me. I miss this series so much that I even bought All-Pro Football 2K8 for the Xbox 360 because it was the only way I could play the NFL2K-style game. I remember very vividly the night I brought the Dreamcast and NFL2K home. I had some friends over, and during dinner we let the computer play a game against itself and watched while we ate. We were all stunned by the TV-like presentation, both visually and aurally.

2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – I bought THPS2 as well, but I had this one longer so it got more play time. I recently bought the Xbox Live Arcade version of this game but I am really, really bad at it. Back in the day, I remember being able to unlock all the stuff and do all the tricks. Age’ll ruin your gaming, my friends. Take it from me.

1. Rippin’ Riders – As I’ve mentioned before on this site, for me every console needs to have a good golf game and a good snowboarding game. While there have been better snowboarding games elsewhere, this is the one I’ve sunk the most time into out of all of them. Great controls, great courses, and lots of good fun.

It wouldn’t take much for me to get the Dreamcast out and hook it up again. If you’re ever in the neighborhood with some time to kill, you could probably talk me into it.

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