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I guess I just like liking things

Behind the Scenes videos are a mixed bag for me, ranging from Boring to Fascinating, with rarely an entry in the middle. Most times it is directly related to how much I like the thing being behind-the-scened and the actor(s) involved. Jim Carrey behind the scenes is always going to be way more interesting to me than, say, Christian Bale.  I like Christian Bale, but your serious actors tend to make for boring behind the scenes, always in character, preparing for the moment, yada yada yada.

These things always remind me of just how much work goes into making TV and movies and it’s always mind-boggling. So many people doing so many things. I always think, “How much does that dude make in a year for this?”

I’m sure most of you saw this video floating around the other sites the last day or so, but in case you didn’t, here’s some behind the scenes footage from season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is totally on the Fascinating end of the scale for me.


  • Stunt fighting intrigues me
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar knows how to iceskate. Yet another Slayer skill I don’t have. (Also on that list: femaleness, super strength, angstyness)
  • The vampire makeup does a great job of making people look evil even if they’re being friendly
  • “Chief werewolf stylist”
  • How do the people in the full werewolf getup not get super claustrophobic?  I would go nuts.
  • How adorable is Alyson Hannigan in this? Official ranking: Too
  • Oz!
  • Very weird to see Angel out in the daylight
  • Werewolf Rehearsal would be a good name for a rock group
  • They dropped SMG from a height I would’ve thought was too high, but she’s fine
  • I’m guessing David Boreanaz was wearing some kind of padding to jump off that trampoline and into that tree, but it still looked like a solid thump
  • I tend to forget that girls wearing overalls was a thing
  • The behind the scenes videos of the fights always look so much more frantic and fast (and realer?) than the finished product to me
  • Angel is wearing those leather pants and all I can think of is Ross on Friends trying to grease himself back into his pair
  • Angel holds his sword with his finger looped over the guard. If his opponent’s sword slid down he’d lose that finger for sure
  • I didn’t even recognize Joss Whedon there for a minute!


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