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Today’s guest writer is Meags, who has written a bunch of stuff for zwolanerd already and is super awesome!   On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there are two main love interests that woo Buffy at various points throughout the series. (I’ll discuss Riley later.) First is Angel, the brooding, dark, and handsome vampire, cursed with […]

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Behind the Scenes videos are a mixed bag for me, ranging from Boring to Fascinating, with rarely an entry in the middle. Most times it is directly related to how much I like the thing being behind-the-scened and the actor(s) involved. Jim Carrey behind the scenes is always going to be way more interesting to […]

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Today’s guest post is by Meags   I was a (way) latecomer to the Buffyverse, but I devoured the series (and its spinoff, Angel) in a matter of weeks. I now completely understand the general fascination with this show. I spend an inordinate amount of time rewatching and reading essays on it, and so I’m […]

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