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I guess I just like liking things

Anything you put an exclamation point after is automatically super awesome and attention-getting. Consider:

I went to the store and got some milk.


I went to the store and got some milk!


Anyway, I am super excited about the next week and a half because I won’t be around.  I mean, that’s not the reason I’m excited, but is the reason that I organized the thing I am super excited about: guest posts! I asked several cool people if they’d be willing to contribute and many of them agreed (and some of the others said they couldn’t this time but wanted to next time, so that’s cool, too)!

So here’s hints about the schedule for the next week and a half or so. I will update it when things get confirmed (if they do!):

6/29 – Ranking Even Worse – not a hint, this is the continuation of the Weird Al series
7/2 – In honor of an Independence Day tradition, a supersized Tuesday 10. Bring your headphones for this one!
7/3 – A webcomic author stops in to tell us about one of his favorite movie scenes
7/4 – Presidential speechifying
7/5 – An argument for a character is presented, and it is an argument I take the opposite view on. Tension!
7/6 – Ranking UHF – More Weird Al!
7/8 – Our first international guest writer talks about a game from her youth.
7/9 – You’ll want to have several bowls of cereal handy when you read this Tuesday 10
7/10 – This is the end, my only friend, the end.

Unfortunately, I won’t be around to approve new commenters, should they happen to materialize.  You regulars be nice while I’m away, and try not to burn the place down, okay?

Many thanks to our guest writers!

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