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I guess I just like liking things

That was super cool, dudes.  Yes, I’m partly talking about taking vacation, but I’m more talking about the guest posts.  It is super cool that I can ask a bunch of people if they can do a guest post and they respond by going “Heck yeah!” and then writing awesome stuff. I want to somehow monetize that. Any ideas on how to go about doing that? If we work together we can figure this out, people.

Anyway, I wanted to say a gigantic THANK YOU to the folks who contributed and apologize because it looks like Twitter did not automatically update with some/all of the posts while I was away. You are all awesome and any time you want to write up something else for us here, we welcome it!

In case you missed any of the guest posts and don’t like clicking on the “previous entry” links, here’s what you missed:

  • Dave puts together a Beach Boys concert for your 4th of July enjoyment, hindered only by my lack of fixing the YouTube embed (which has now been fixed)
  • Wes Molebash talks about his favorite scene from his favorite movie, Life As a House
  • President Thomas Whitmore drops by to remind us what Independence Day is all about.
  • Meags likes Spike and thinks you should, too. I’ll always be Team Angel, but she makes some good arguments.
  • Carolyn recalls the glories of “First Episode Free!” shareware craze, focusing on Jill of the Jungle
  • Daniel lists his favorite Saturday morning cartoons, and I’m told he has a sequel list planned
  • Meags wants good things to have good endings.

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed!  Any time you need a guest post extolling the virtues of oldschool arcade characters, let me know and I’ll come running.

As for our upcoming schedule, after a self-indulgent vacation-related post tomorrow, we’ll be back on track with a Weird Al album ranking on Saturday and a Better Off Ted rewatch on Monday.

And, just in case I haven’t been clear, if there’s something you’ve been wanting to write that would fit in here, write and let me know!  I love having people guest post! I’ll give the main two rules I have:

  • No cusses or dirty talk
  • Should be mostly positive


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