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I guess I just like liking things

Long about 9:30 on Monday nights, I start getting panicky about what list I could do for the Tuesday 10. Sometimes I’ll put a call out on Twitter and get lots of suggestions… but they’re usually something I’d can’t do for one reason or another. Last night this topic got suggested to me, and I liked it, but I kind of have the same problem — I don’t remember all the suggestions people have given me!

So we’ll see how this goes.


8. Top 100 Games I’ve Ever Played – Most of these entries are going to have the same root problem: too much to pull from. Quick, name your favorite grain of sand on the Lake Michigan shore – same deal. Add to that my failing memory and It’d take me a week to come up with 100 games I’ve played without looking at some lists.  Which makes me think – my Xbox 360 does keep a list of what I’ve played, perhaps I could choose some from there… hmm…

7. Names I’ve Given My Sims – I always always always name my first Sim “Honkus Pants.” From there the names get more ridiculous, and there really isn’t any sense behind any of them, so it would be a kind of pointless list that you wouldn’t really want to read.

6. Hottest Actresses – It isn’t that I can’t write this list, it’s that I won’t. Most of your big pop culture sites this is kind of their bread-and-butter, and I’m sure those lists get major hits. But a) prurience isn’t really what we go for around here, and b) I’d much rather talk about what roles I like best from what actresses. I have talked to some who say they assume any actress I do a list on is one I find attractive, but that’s on them rather than me, I think. It’s called “projection,” people!

5. 10 Best Pop Culture News Items From the Last Week – My bad memory comes into play here again – I just wouldn’t remember them without making exhaustive lists. And I’m tired enough already.  (hey-o!)

4. Actors who used to ____________ but now are _______________ – What’s more, I don’t understand how sites even write lists like this. Like, “Actors you love who used to be on shows you didn’t know you hated” and stuff like that. I don’t know how you come up with an idea like that and research it. It literally doesn’t make any sense to me, much like macroeconomics in college didn’t.

3. Top 10 Favorite Scenes from [insert whatever movie here] – I would actually love to do stuff like this. Biggest impediment: I don’t know how to edit video, which would be the best way to present something like this. Second biggest reason (I’d imagine): it would take a really, really long time to do.

2. Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Seinfeld/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek/whatever else – Here’s another “the universe is too big” list. There are over a hundred episodes of Seinfeld, and if you start adding up all the Star Treks… forget about it! Even though I’ve seen Scrubs all the way through several times, I couldn’t even sit here and tell you a top three episodes. I can talk about scenes I love and I can certainly talk about that Brendan Fraser episode (you know the one), but I like it as a whole and all the episodes together make up that whole.  Jerry Seinfeld answered the “which episode was your favorite” question once with, “That’s like asking which breath of air is your favorite – the next one, right?”

1. Top 10 Favorite Movies – Don’t think I haven’t been thinking this one over the last ten months. It’s partly a “universe is too large” problem and partly a “how can Unforgiven and UHF be on the same list?” problem. So then I have to break it down into genres. But then it all falls apart because what genre does Pulp Fiction fall into – action, drama, thriller, comedy? I just can’t wrap my brain around this one. I could start, I suppose, by seeing what movies I’ve purchased on DVD/BD, with the assumption being that I must love it if I bought it. But that only brings the number down to about 500, which is still a pretty large pool to swim in.  I dunno. I’ll keep thinking about this one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.



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