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I guess I just like liking things

A couple of Q*bert things for you today. First off, my brother sent me this picture yesterday:

Works of art shouldn't be eaten

Works of art shouldn’t be eaten

After some digging around, I found that it was made by Highland Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia, back in 2009. You can check out their Flickr page here so you can add it to your favorites over there.  This thing is fantastic, folks. I mean, fondant’s generally not that tasty, but it sure sculpts well. I would actually love to have this in a plasticine version for display! I wonder who I could talk to about that.

I am still occasionally updating The Daily Q*bert. I really should rename it to “The Occasional Q*bert,” but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so well. I have no delusions about my drawing abilities, folks. I know that these are barely refrigerator-worthy if your kid was drawing them, but I enjoy doing it. I am starting to seek out how to get better at it, with an eye towards getting some art books for that purpose. Additionally, I’ve found that watching other people draw is very informative.  Both Brandon and Christopher have obliged by doodling things and videoing them, and though I cannot yet replicate the process, I am learning. My standard practice over there is to draw Q*berts inspired by other pop culture icons, and that’s been fun for me. I like the process of getting the idea in my head and seeing how it might work. They don’t always turn out the way I see them in my head, but that’s part of the process of working towards getting better, right? Speaking of Christopher, I don’t know if I ever shared the drawing he did for The Daily Q*bert. Here it is:

Determined Q*bert is determined

Determined Q*bert is determined

I love that so much. Some day I will share my favorite Q*berts from TDQ, but today is not that day. Furthermore, I would The Daily Q*bert to become one of those “gets submissions from artists all the time” places, but I don’t really know how to get that to happen.

Lastly, this ad that was used back in the day to convince arcade owners to buy Q*bert borders on the frustrating (there are only so many Qs I’m willing to allow you, people), but I still enjoy this piece of Q*bert history, even if Q*bert does have an extraneous arm in it.

Qompletely Qracked Up

Qompletely Qracked Up


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