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I guess I just like liking things

I love almost every episode of Seinfeld, all nine seasons-worth. I don’t like the first two seasons as much as the later ones, but there’s still a lot of great stuff in there. In fact, this video comes from the second season, episode eight, “The Heart Attack.” George watched a special about heart attacks on TV the night before, so when he gets some chest pains, he automatically assumes he’s having a heart attack and goes to the hospital. This scene, my second-favorite in all of Seinfeld, takes place after Jerry finds out George is fine and before George knows.  George figures he’s going to die anyway, so…

There is one thing that makes this scene for me: Jerry’s inflections on his “Elaine, what are you doing here?” line. It evokes bad detective and thriller movies from years past with a little bit of soap opera thrown in, and I just love it.

Later in the episode George goes to a holistic “healer” named “Tor” and his face turns purple. It’s all a bit ridiculous, but it can’t ruin “Elaine, what are you doing here?” for me.

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