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I guess I just like liking things

If your main impediment to listening to the song “Wrecking Ball” was Miley Cyrus’s presence on the track, have I got a post for you!  This cover is wonderful and features 100% less Miley.

This cover of Miley’s song improves on it by adding two other female voices, but it still leaves in the “wreh-eh-ehck me” pronunciation rather than smoothing it out, which would (I feel) make the song 200% better.

I don’t necessarily understand the cover culture (like, why it happens and happens a lot), but it has yielded many a wonderful version of things. Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt was way better than the original and The Blanks’ cover of “Hey Ya” has been on my Zune for a long time. I suspect in many cases it’s a way for people to get attention, attention that might lead to them getting a contract or more sales of their originals.  I’ll admit it: I bought the Karmin album (and was sad there were only seven songs on it).


(Thanks to Lyn for the heads-up on this video.)


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