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I guess I just like liking things

I like Christmas just fine. Really!  I just… well, I have no patience for Christmas music.

I’m pretty sure I used to like Christmas music. I think maybe it’s just that the enjoyment window has shrunk for me.  I vaguely remember listening to it at odd times throughout the year, but then it was “not before Thanksgiving” and then it was “I mean it, you jerks – not before Thanksgiving!” and then “not until December” and then “how about not until, like, the week of Christmas?” and now I don’t even know where the window begins and ends. I fear it might be a “you get one song on the actual day, and that’s it” but I don’t know how I would test this theory. I still think the idea of Christmas music is good. I bought the She & Him Christmas album two years ago, and when Norah Jones releases one I’ll probably get it. On a long enough timeline, everyone releases a Christmas album. Really.

Part of it is that there’s a limited setlist, right? How many versions of Jingle Bell Rock does the world actually need? And your “re-imagining” of [INSERT SONG TITLE HERE] isn’t helping.

But new Christmas songs are usually terrible, too, so the setlist doesn’t get any bigger. No one’s remaking “Wonderful Christmastime,” nor should they (and if someone has, I ain’t looking it up, so please don’t even link it).

I know this is a me problem. I know you can’t solve it. I just wanted to let you know I’m aware of the issue, and knowing is half the battle.


…and now there’s probably going to be a G. I. Joe Christmas album. Sorry.


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