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I guess I just like liking things

It’s that time of year again. The weather is cold enough that people can come to a movie marathon without feeling guilty about not being outside. For me, of course, nice weather is no barrier to movie marathons, but if I want anyone to join me, cold weather seems the best time.

This will be the 7th annual movie marathon. Here’s what we’ve marathoned before:

2008 Star Wars
2009 Lord of the Rings
2010 Indiana Jones (From Worst to First)
2011 Pirates of the Caribbean
2012 Harry Potter
2013 Batman

I can see a point where I’ll circle back around and do some of these again, partly because I’ll run out of series, but partly because it’ll be fun to go back and watch some of them again this way. So far Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series have benefited the most from marathon viewings. They’re the most cohesive stories and it helped me keep track of all the characters a little better. Star Wars is also well-suited to marathon viewings, but Episodes I-III can be a hard slog.

This year I was having trouble deciding on a series. I like to keep it PG-13 or lower, so that prohibits things like The Godfather or Lethal Weapon. I was really leaning towards Star Trek, but couldn’t make it fit. The Harry Potter series was the first time we expanded to Friday evening because we couldn’t fit all in on a Saturday. Even with that I couldn’t make all of the Star Trek series fit. I considered leaving some movies out – I don’t consider the nuTrek movies canon, but they’re the most likely to gather a crowd. I considered leaving out I and V from the original series because they’re the least good, but I can’t bring myself to do that.

So the only solution, really, is just do them all, 23 hours and 7 minutes straight through. Crazy? Yes. Doable? Who knows? We’ll see, I guess.

I’ll include the schedule here so you can watch along with us wherever you may be. These times are all Eastern, so adjust accordingly. We generally won’t watch the end credits, as I use that time to set the next movie up for viewing.

Friday, January 25

8:00p The Motion Picture
10:11 The Wrath of Khan

Saturday, January 26

12:03a The Search for Spock
1:48a The Voyage Home
3:46a The Final Frontier
5:32a The Undiscovered Country
7:25a Generations
9:22a First Contact
11:12a Insurrection
12:54p Nemesis
2:50p Star Trek
4:56p Star Trek into Darkness
7:07p END


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