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I guess I just like liking things

After I watch a movie, I like to read up on it.  I rarely look up reviews of a movie beforehand (unless it’s to assure my wife that, “See? A bunch of other people say Frozen is pretty good!”), but I will generally look up reviews after I’ve seen it. Sometimes a review will help me see the movie in a different light and they have been know to help me appreciate it more.  Of course, I’ve also had a review sour me on an experience, so you take your chances.

I always check IMDb about a movie. I’ll want to know where I’ve seen that actor before, sure, but mostly I’m looking at the trivia.  I can’t figure out why, but knowing “The third car on the left in the bakery scene belongs to the director’s uncle’s friend Mike, and he’s had it since he was a teenager” helps me enjoy the movie. I am disappointed when there aren’t any bits of trivia for a movie, and I’ve even submitted a few pieces myself (though I don’t know if any have gotten posted, as I don’t keep track of things as well I should). Depending on where I am, I’ll actually check the IMDb trivia while I’m in the middle of the movie, but if I can’t, rest assured I’ll get to it soon.

There are three other sites I like to check out after a movie (not including MediaStinger, which tells you if you should watch through the credits for extra scenes). The unusual thing about all three of these is that they make fun of movies. I mean, that’s not unusual in the sense that the Internet was created to make fun of things, it just seems unusual that I would seek out sites that make fun of movies I like.

You’re most likely familiar with these, but here are the three sites I’m talking about.

  • How It Should Have Ended – There’s a running gag at the end of many of these where Batman and Superman are sitting at a diner talking about stuff. It’s pretty great.
  • Honest Trailers – I have, on several occasions, used some of these to explain to people why I didn’t like a particular movie so much. In some cases the videos have reinforced my opinions, and in some cases it has caused them.
  • The Editing Room – This one generally has a lot of cussing, just so you’re aware. This one is unlike the other two because it’s in script format, not video. Their archives go back a long way, so there’s a good chance a popular movie from years hence is included, should you want it ruined for you.

I generally watch movies with a non-critical eye. I think that’s why I tend to enjoy the majority I see, but it is a source of concern to me that sometimes I’ll miss a glaring error. These sites help me develop a more discerning eye, but I worry it might hinder my enjoyment of movies.  That’s the divide, right?  “Critics loved it” vs. “audiences hated it” (and vice versa) are things we’ve heard a ton. At the end of the day I’d rather enjoy something than be able to see all its faults, but maybe the goal is to enjoy something in spite of its faults. After all, if I love a movie, no amount of telling me what was wrong with it is likely to change my mind.





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