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I guess I just like liking things

Gritty reboots work for some things (Batman was in major need of it when it happened) but would be ridiculous for many other things (though I’m sure someone has pitched a noir Scooby Doo to someone somewhere). This picture here is a little bit of both for me.

I love the look and feel of it: Determined Fuzzy Q*bert looks great, and Coily looks more menacing than usual. Two mortal enemies locked in eternal struggle, battling for the souls and future of Q-burg. Though we know that Q*bert’s symbol language just means things like “Hey, how’s it going?” and “I like pie!” in this picture we definitely get the sense that his symbols are much more Samuel L. Jackson and less Rainbow Brite.

…but as much as I’d love to see new Q*bert games, comics, movies, and whatevers, I hope we never see one after this theme. Q*bert (the game) is all about “Hey, I’m gonna hop, even though there’s obstacles!” Turning that into “I’m gonna kill him for what he did to my family” would ruin everything forever.

Yes, I know I’m giving too much thought to things that won’t ever happen. And I really do love this design, enough that I really think I will buy it – though I’d rather have a print than a T-shirt of it.


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