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To accompany this list of worst songs, here is there worst picture

To accompany this list of worst songs, here is their worst picture

This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list. Quality is a subjective matter, especially when it comes to music. And the nature of this subject lends itself to being a bit fluid. One day you may really hate “Revolution 1” and then next you might enjoy and appreciate the difference it offers from the single version of “Revolution.”

In no particular order I offer you:

10) “Long, Long, Long”

This sounds like something meant for a heroin overdose. It can’t decide on a musical style, the tempo is so slow it almost feels as if it were meant for Pink Floyd but it wasn’t trippy enough.

9) “I Am The Walrus”

Yeah, I put it there. Do you even know what the lyrics are?

8) “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”

This song wins the award for being the most inane. Also for overuse of the title within the lyrics.

7) “Dig It”

This isn’t even a full song. It’s so bad only a snippet of it appears on the album. Perhaps if they had finished writing the song it would be decent.

6) “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey”

This is a song sort of about Lennon’s heroin habit as well as his relationship with Yoko. It’s just a bunch of noise disguised as a song.

5) “Only A Northern Song”

I know it is intentionally off-key and out of time but this feels as if the group is trying to alienate the listener rather than pull them in on the joke.

4) “I’m Only Sleeping”

While there are some neat bits of engineering present in the recording, most of this is so rote you can almost hear the band going through the motions while recording this. Meant to be about staying in bed while on tour this song sounds like it never got out of bed either.

3) “Ballad Of John & Yoko”

It’s simply a collection of what John and Yoko have been doing and how they are so hounded and perceived poorly and nobody understands them. WAH!!

2) “Revolution 9”

You knew this would be here. It’s not even a song, but in reality a sound collage. And not a good one. It literally sounds like somebody swept up the cutting room floor and randomly put it all together. Oh, wait, that’s kind of what happened.

1) “Run For Your Life”

The reason restraining orders were created. The (hopefully fictional) narrator is telling his girlfriend, no, THREATENING her, if he sees her with another guy, just chatting, or perhaps even just sitting next to, there will be dire consequences. Creepy.

Honorable Mention:

  • At least another third of The Beatles (White Album)

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