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I guess I just like liking things

I had a thing planned for today but this is so much better, even if it’s kind of a cheat post because I’m pointing you to someone else’s music thing.

That someone else’s thing is My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection. Sarah’s husband Alex has 1,500+ records, so she is going through them alphabetically, listening to each one even if she hates it, and writing about it. Start here for her explanation. She frequently has Alex comment on the albums, too, in an effort to explain why he got it, where he got it, and why.

I haven’t read every last one, but her responses to the music are genuine and funny. I hope she’s keeping track of what she likes and what she doesn’t, because I suspect that would make for some fun graphs after the fact.

So, yeah, nothing specific from me today, but I know there are several readers here who would enjoy this sort of thing quite a bit.


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