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I guess I just like liking things

Not jazz hands

Not jazz hands

When is a Music Monday also a Movie Monday? When the movie is Frozen. I know I’m several months late to this party, but it’s not really my fault. I tried on several occasions to get my wife to go see it in the theater, but she doesn’t go to many movies and we never found the time. She ended up buying the movie last week, though, because she teaches choir and figured she would end up using it in class at some point.

As of not too long ago, Frozen became the highest-grossing animated film ever. It’s made a billion+ dollars, which is crazy, by which I mean it’s crazy when any movie makes over a billion dollars. It just boggles my mind a little.

I really enjoyed the movie. I expected to be annoyed by Olaf (the snowman) because the trailers made it look like he was gong to be annoying, but he ended up being cute and funny, so that was a pleasant surprise. Sven (the reindeer) was one of my favorite parts, even if (as someone put it) “every animal Disney makes ends up being a dog.”

I loved that the storyline revolved mostly around the sisters and that the solution was sister-based as well. My absolutely favorite line in the movie was said by a couple of people: “You can’t get engaged to someone you just met!” I’m a little surprised Disney let that go (see what I did there?) since most of their movie history involves “love at first sight” and people getting married who just met.

The song “Let It Go” has gone full circle from “wow, this is awesome!” to “a million parodies” to “ugh, I’m sick of it” and back to “you know, it’s a pretty good song.” At least, that’s my perception of it. It’s a power ballad mixed with “I can do it!” and sung beautifully by Idina Menzel. It gave me chills even though I’d heard it in so many different versions before.

While I’m on the topic, my favorite parody version is the Commander Shepard version “I Should Go,” by geekfitgirl. Shepard’s “…I should go.” in the Mass Effect games cracks me up, so I’ll admit I was already geared to like this version when I saw the title alone. I have an idea for her next one, but she didn’t respond on Twitter about it, so maybe that’s my hint?

I’d have a hard time ranking Disney movies but I’m tempted to give it a try so I could see how where this one landed. If you believe the Honest Trailers guys (warning, spoilers!), it’s the best one since Lion King (or maybe Pocahontas?). I highly recommend it if you’re one of the 12 people who hasn’t seen it yet.

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