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I guess I just like liking things

I give you a time machine and a role in any TV show ever. Which one and why?

Sometimes I have difficulty deciding on a topic for the day. Some days it’s a “there’s nothing!’ and some days it’s a “too many choices!” Other days it’s an overwhelming melancholy that even Q*bert can’t fix, which I know doesn’t seem possible. On any one of any of those days, I sometimes need have someone give me a writing prompt to spark an idea. The above question is what Lyn asked me and I was surprised how quickly I ended up on an answer. My thought process went like this:

  • Ooh, Batman
  • No, wait – Star Trek!
  • The Original S——- NO, WAIT — got it!

I was seriously surprised by how little time it took to get to this answer but I was in equal measures very, very sure of it when it hit me:

It's the sweet uniform

It’s the sweet uniform

I would totally go back and play the role of Wesley Crusher. No question. And this is from a person who was totally onboard the whole “Wesley is annoying” train back in the day. On my most recent rewatch of the series, though, I found I didn’t mind Wesley, not even a little.  (Alexander, though… UGH).

Here are a few of the reasons I would choose to play Wesley Crusher:

  • I would love to be a part of Star Trek somehow. I know there’ve been many actors over the years who’ve tried to distance themselves from their Star Trek roles, but I think it’d be great. Sure, you might get typecast, but you were part of a unique and loved pop culture universe.
  • Look at Wil Wheaton’s career since then – not necessarily the acting, but the geek voice he’s been able to have because of his role. And he chose to get out of the role early! I wouldn’t do that, but of course I have his history to inform that decision.
  • Any time I see Wil interact with someone from the cast of ST:TNG, it’s always this great scene of camaraderie and friendship and warmth. He was just a kid when he was on the show, but he’s got these lifelong friendships with Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn… and on and on.  How stinking cool would that be? Very.

Two questions for you:

  1. What TV role would you choose?
  2. Where should I sent the Pop Culture Time Machine next?


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