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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free to play, paid membership available
Client: Unity Web Player
Play it at :

This is a game I’ve tried to play for you for a while, but it’s an absolute jerk to record. This video, you will notice, has no game sound. Which is a shame as I refer to the music a couple of times. Playing it full screen renders it un-capturable (that’s a word), so I did my very super best and you can thank me in the comments.

As for the game itself, it’s pretty much adorable. Which might not be what you, personally, are looking for in a Marvel themed game but come on now. You collect tacos! You throw mini flying saucers off buildings! You have chubby wubby widdle cheeks yes you do. You start with a stable of four heros – Iron Man, Black Widow, The Hulk and Spiderman. Others are unlockable over time, or via paid membership and they level independently. Did that make sense? I meant getting your Iron Man to level 2 doesn’t make your other heros hit 2, they need to be used to get the levels.

The graphics are lovely actually, they look amazing with depth of field on and other tweaks, none of which would record. There is a substantial download before you can play, but I suspect it might be worth it.  I actually dabbled with this back in July when I first completely failed to record it, and spent a few hours in there just popping about, collecting stuff and zooming around on my spiderweb. Nifty.


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