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I guess I just like liking things

logansrunFour more years backwards and we’ll have rewound past when I was alive.

Just a reminder that these lists have become “movies I saw” rather than “my favorite movies” from whatever year. When I finally jump back into the 90s and have enough movies to have favorites, I’ll go back to having “favorite” lists.

6. Carrie – There are so very few movies based on Stephen King novels that I actually like. I can appreciate a movie’s status as an iconic film without actually liking the movie, and that’s where this one fits in for me.

5. Logan’s Run – I like the concept of this movie, but old scifi films can be hard to engage with. I can look past Star Trek’s cheap sets and effects for some reason, but have a harder time with pretty much any other scifi from before Star Wars. I’d say this one could do with a remake, and there’s been talk of one, but I haven’t heard anything about it in a while.

4. The Omen – Creepy/Satanic children are not my go-to genre when I’m looking for a fun movie, and I have never watched any of the other movies in this series. The two scenes I remember the most from this movie are the “It’s all for you, Damien!” suicide and the “head rolling on a pane of glass” scene. So there you go.

3. Taxi Driver – Another “iconic but not liked” film for me.

2. Network – IMDb trivia for this one says “The director and the screenwriter claimed that the film was not meant to be a satire but a reflection of what was really happening.” This is a really good movie that hasn’t suffered with age.

1. Rocky – It’s easy to forget how good this movie is now that we have five other Rocky movies after it, along with a grillion other underdog sports movies. I think the story behind its being made is almost as fascinating as the movie itself, and I also think that the last (so far) movie in the saga (Rocky Balboa) is the second-best in the series.

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