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I guess I just like liking things

Sometimes shows come along that people can’t stop talking about.  Even people who don’t watch regularly still know enough about the show to follow conversations because the show gets embedded in the culture so thoroughly. Today’s list is shows that have made huge splashes that I haven’t watched. I’ve seen many of the shows you think should be on here, so don’t get after me about not including Seinfeld, Arrested Development, and The Sopranos.

These are shows I’ve seen less than a full episode of, and the list is in order of how likely I am to eventually watch it, with the most likely at #1.

10.  Lost – I know a lot of people who loved the show while it was on and even still love it.  I followed along with it here and there, hearing bits and pieces and looking stuff up, but it was more out of a sense of requirement since everyone else was talking about it. I had zero interest in it then and I have zero interest in it now. If I want a meandering plot with more unanswered questions than answered ones, I’ll stick to The X-Files, thank you very much.

9. 24 – This show was huge for a while there.  And, honestly, it did look like something I might enjoy, but I never got around to it. Once a season was in full swing, it didn’t make sense to try and catch up on it.  I may eventually watch the first season of this, but I really doubt it.

8.  The West Wing – I have watched other Aaron Sorkin things (loved Sports Night, fell off Studio 60 after about 4 episodes), but I don’t have much interest in politics. Most Sorkin fans I know say this is his best work, but it probably won’t happen.

7.  The Walking Dead – I haven’t seen the show, read the books, or played the games. The only zombie-related things I even have a slight interest in are the Resident Evils, and I mostly tolerate them rather than enjoy them. Zombies just aren’t my thing.

6.  Battlestar Galactica – This is the breaking point for the list. From here on up is stuff I definitely want to see.  I’ve heard nothing but good about this series and I like scifi, so I suspect I’ll like this.  It’ll have to wait until after I’m through all the Star Treks, though.

5.  Six Feet Under – I go back and forth on this one. I’m currently on “want to see,” but a year from now I might be all “nope.”  The older I get the less I like to watch death-related stuff, so this one might fall off the list permanently at some point.  I’m intrigued by what I know of it, though, and I have a good friend who recommends it highly.

4.  Game of Thrones – Boy, the Internet is just crazy about this one right now, isn’t it?  Actually, the top four here are all Internet darlings.  I first saw Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent and thought he was fantastic. Honestly, his being in this is the biggest draw for me. If I ever hear through the grapevine that his character gets killed off (because as I understand it, every character gets killed off in Game of Thrones), I will probably move this one to my “nope” list.

3.  Mad Men – It just looks so darn stylish.

2.  The Wire – This is #1 on so many “BEST SHOW EVER” lists that I feel like ignoring it would be some sort of personal failing.

1.  Breaking Bad – The big draw here is seeing Malcolm’s dad go dark and evil.  Just the pictures of Bryan Cranston in character tell me tons about the character.  I’ll probably wait until the show is done before I start watching it.

Almosts – these are shows I’ve seen less than ten episodes of:

  • South Park – the “You Got Served” and World of Warcraft episodes were some funny, funny stuff, but I would never make it through this show.
  • American Idol – I don’t even know why people watch these kinds of shows :/
  • Everybody Loves Raymond – it’s not that I don’t find some things about this show amusing, I just don’t see it being a “long haul” kind of show for me.
  • Frasier – I might eventually get around to this one.
  • Law & Order – I really don’t see much point in going through this one. This is more of an “I’ll watch it if it’s on” kind of thing.
  • E.R. – Medical dramas? No thank you. Scrubs is the only version I need.

So what’d I miss?


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