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Weird Al Week

No, no, we’re not doing two weeks of Weird Al Week, I just needed to finish off last week with one more entry because of the concert on Friday.

I went with four friends, none of whom had been to a Weird Al concert before.  We we sitting in row TT, which in that theater is 20 rows back (the single letter rows start after the double letter rows, which I think is weird, but okay). Great seats, and near the aisle, so when he came down into the audience for Wanna B UR Lovr, we had a great view of him grinding up on someone.  That… is a sentence I never expected to write.

Before the concert, I bought a hoodie and almost bought a book and some trading cards.  One of my fellow attendees bought an Amish Paradise T-shirt, and I don’t know if the other three bought anything.  I meant to have a picture of the hoodie for you, but have failed in that regard and I apologize.

Here is the complete setlist that Al and his band did (asterisks indicate a costume change for that song):

  • Polkaface

    Weird Al Bird

    This is the outfit he wore during Perform This Way, which caused me to laugh so hard I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breathe

  • TMZ
  • You Make Me
  • Smells Like Nirvana*
  • Skipper Dan*
  • Party in the C.I.A.*
  • CNR
  • Canadian Idiot
  • Wanna B UR Lovr*
  • Beverly Hillbillies
  •  Whatever You Like
  • Another Tattoo
  • eBay
  • I Wanna New Duck
  • Theme from Rocky XIII
  • Spam
  • My Bologna
  • Ode to a Superhero
  • Lasagna
  • Eat It
  • Amish Paradise*
  • Craigslist*
  • Perform This Way*
  • White & Nerdy*
  • Fat*
  • The Saga Begins*
  • Yoda (and chant)

After the show, we went out back to stand in line by the bus on the off chance Al would sign some autographs. I brought my copy of UHF along just in case.

I had given him my wallet as a support for signing my ticket, and he started looking through it.

I had given him my wallet as a support for signing my ticket, and he started looking through it.

After a little while, Rubén came down the line and was talking to people, and I was able to get him to sign my ticket, so that was pretty cool. He asked a bunch of us what our favorite parts were and what we didn’t like as much. He was very friendly!

Sadly, we only briefly saw Al as he exited the building and waved on his way to the bus.

That’s my third time seeing Weird Al in concert, and I hope it won’t be my last. His concerts are high energy and lots of fun, and I highly recommend you go see one.  You can watch the concert DVD to give you an idea, but it isn’t quite the same.


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