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I guess I just like liking things

You probably use Shazam or SoundHound. I use Bing Audio, despite not being able to say something cool like “I Shazamed it” or “Totally SoundHounded, yo!” It’s built into the OS of my Windows Phone and it’s very quick (usually quicker than SoundHound, which I sometimes use just to see what it does), and it links to the song in the XBox Music store. Nobody says “I Bing-ed it!” (and you gotta put that hyphen in there, though, or people are going to think you binged on music or searches or whatever) unless maybe they’re talking about making a Chandler Bing-type joke perfectly, but even then people probably don’t say that. I want to start saying that now, though.

Me, too, Chandler. Me, too.

Me, too, Chandler. Me, too.

And, really, shouldn’t Microsoft get Matthew Perry to play Chandler in some commercials for Bing?  Bing’s really a decent thing overall and honestly that might get people to make some positive associations. That one’s free, Microsoft. Call me. (Yes, I’m aware I’m not the first person to make this suggestion. I don’t get much sleep. Leave me alone.)

Anyway, music matching is one of the coolest bits of tech I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’ve seen that video of the prosthetic hand tying a shoelace, and, no, music matching isn’t as cool as that, but it’s still pretty cool. I don’t completely understand it, so it’s a little like magic in that way.  I’m always a little disappointed when it doesn’t work, also a little like magic.

These are the last 20 songs I’ve Bing-ed.  I considered doing all 46 that are currently in the history, but there’s some embarrassing Taylor Swift in that last half, so I needed to draw the line somewhere.  Also, 46 is since I last cleared the history, so there’s no telling what embarrassment used to be in there before that, since that is generally the only reason I clear the history. The list is presented from oldest to newest:

1. “Stay” – Rihanna – She has one of those beautiful voices that I can’t ever seem to place.

2. “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” – Fall Out Boy – I have no idea why I did this one.

3. “Just Give Me A Reason” – Nate Ruess – This one intrigues me because in five more entries you’ll see I did this one again but got a different singer. Sure, it’s a duet, but I think it’s weird.

4. “Demons” – Imagine Dragons – I would’ve sworn this was a Coldplay song. This song and “Radioactive” got me to buy their album, and there ended up being one other song I liked, but I can’t remember which one it was.

5. “Stuttering” – Fefe Dobson – Any interesting female voice I don’t recognize generally get searched.

6. “Stay” – Rihanna – See? I can’t ever seem to place it.

7. “Ways to Go” – Grouplove – I really liked this song…

8. “Just Give Me A Reason” – P!nk – Maybe I searched at different points in the song?  I don’t know.

9. “Ways to Go” – Grouplove – … but I apparently have a hard time remembering who sings it and what it’s called.

10. “Pumpin Blood” – Nonono – This one got stuck in my head for a couple of days, but I didn’t know it well enough to whistle/hum it for SoundCloud it (I don’t think whistling/humming works with Bing).

11. “Ways to Go” – Grouplove – Seriously, I can’t ever remember who sings this one, even though I really like it.

12. “Lucky” – Kat Edmonson – This one sounded very similar to Regina Spektor, in style, anyway.  It’s from the movie Admission, which I liked well enough.

13. “Team” – Lorde – I was never more surprised to find out who sang this one. I was all, “whoa, cool voice” and then saw it was Lorde and I was all “huh.” Why? Because I really, really, really dislike her song “Royals.” Like, you don’t even know. I really like this one, though.

14. “Pumpin Blood” – Nonono – I sure can’t remember music!

15. “Team” – Lorde – See?!

16. “Everything is AWESOME” – Tegan and Sara (with The Lonely Island) – This is from the upcoming LEGO Movie. I searched it to see if it was for sale in XBox Music (it totally is). I have three Tegan and Sara albums, but I never would’ve guessed this was them.

17. “Cups” – Anna Kendrick – Yes, I knew this song and who sang it.  It’s a different version than is on the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (which we have) and I wanted to see if this version was in XBox Music (it totally is). If Anna were to release a whole album I would buy it.

18. “Heart Attack” – Demi Lovato – Any time I hear Demi’s voice I think two things: “I like her voice!” and then, after finding out who it is, “Huh.” I can’t ever recognize her voice and it seems weird to me that I like some of her songs, but it’s happened enough that I’m starting to get worried.

19. “Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men – Never heard of them.

20. “Shine Your Way” – Owl City from the soundtrack to The Croods. I liked the movie more than I expected to, but didn’t love it. I… kind of feel like if Owl City sang the right song I might like it, but that hasn’t happened yet.


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