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I guess I just like liking things

thexfilesI have seen 67 of the movies released in 1998, but these ten are my favorite:

10. The X-Files – I tried to start another watch-through of the TV show a while back, but couldn’t get into it. When it was airing, though, I loved it, and if they start it back up, I’ll watch that, too. This movie had actual answers in it, which blew my mind at the time.

9. Saving Private Ryan – The Vietnam War was the war I knew most about in high school, from both books and movies. Compared to it, I always thought of WWII as a “nicer” war. I don’t really know how to explain that, really, but I can say that the first 45 minutes of this movie did more to change my perspective on WWII than anything else I’ve seen.

8. Waking Ned Devine – I had to put the captions on while watching this because the accents were so much, but this movie is a delight.

7. A Bug’s Life – Probably the Pixar movie I’ve seen the most times, but it’s not necessarily by choice – I was just around kids that really liked it. Repeated viewings made it grow on me, and the cast really is fantastic.

6. Deep Impact – You can have all the Armageddon you want: this is my “asteroid is headed to Earth” movie.

5. Star Trek: Insurrection – My favorite of the Next Generation crew movies, even though I know it shouldn’t be.

4. The Wedding Singer – My favorite Adam Sandler movie by a long shot. I’m sure most of that is because of the music.

3. The Truman Show – I still feel like Jim Carrey should have gotten an Oscar for this.

2. Out of Sight – My favorite George Clooney movie… and probably my favorite Jennifer Lopez movie?

1. Rushmore – Wes Anderson movies are apparently right up my alley.

Special mentions:

  • Sphere – The book was my favorite Michael Crichton, but I was so, so disappointed by the movie.
  • The Big Lebowski – I know this one should be on my list and near the top, but I just can’t. I love most of the Coen Brothers movies, and I even like this one okay, it’s just not my favorite. Sorry.
  • Pi – I’m pretty sure this was the first indie movie I ever saw. It completely changed my idea of what movies could be, even if I didn’t understand how or why.
  • Antz – The other animated ant movie released this year. Initially I liked it much better than A Bug’s Life, even. I still like it quite a bit.

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