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I guess I just like liking things

Over the weekend I got a new radio installed in my car. The CD player in the previous radio only worked about 80% of the time, which was frustrating. I’m sure that’s it’s 100% frustrating for you to learn there are still people who listen to CDs, but I know cassette- and 8-track-listeners, so quit hassling me, man.

I can’t tell if it actually sounds better or if I’m just imagining it does because it’s new, but either way I’m really enjoying it. It’s also put the bug back in my ear about doing Music Mondays more faithfully. I’ve long considered doing a “Ranking The Beatles” series, and this could be the impetus for doing exactly that.

I’ve also considered going through my CD collection in alphabetical order and doing an article apiece on them, but that seems rather daunting, honestly.

How about you? Any other thing you’d like to see out of Music Mondays?

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