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I guess I just like liking things

If you can pop a hot air balloon with a powered-up drive, I'm sold

If you can pop a hot air balloon with a powered-up drive, I’m sold

Okay, so I got an XB1 on launch day, big whoop?  What am I supposed to do with it now?  The TV functions are neat, but it’s just controlling my TiVo in a window on the XBox, not giving me a third tuner option, so it’s not as big a help as I was hoping for. I Skyped with a friend and it was pretty neat. But I guess this thing has some games, too. Working off the list over at IGN (which is fun to pronounce like “iggen”), I thought I’d sort out what sounds good to me and what doesn’t.

No, Thanks

  • Battlefield 4 – I never got into these kinds of things.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – Ditto.
  • Dead Rising 3 – Dead Rising 2 was a free download for XBox 360 last month, so I downloaded it, played it for 10 minutes and uninstalled it. Not my thing.
  • Fighter Within – Never even heard about it before making this list.
  • Killer Instinct – I downloaded this, played the CPU once, and uninstalled it. I never cared for KI back in the day (I was more a Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Virtua Fighter man myself), and it turns out I still don’t like it.
  • LocoCycle – An interesting concept, but nothing I’m gonna play more than five minutes of
  • NBA 2K14 – NBA Jam is about as basketball-y a videogame I’m ever gonna play.

  • NBA Live 14 – Ditto

  • Skylanders: Swap Force – The concept intrigues me, but not the reality of it. I’d be more likely to go the Disney route, but even then I don’t want to start in with buying a bunch of characters.
  • Zumba Fitness: World Party – I’m a middle-aged white guy with no sense of rhythm

Maybe a Rental

  • Crimson Dragon – Except it’s digital, so you can’t rent it. I’ll try the demo at some point, if there is one.
  • FIFA 14 – Really long shot here.
  • Just Dance 2014 – Dance Central was the reason to have a Kinect on the 360, and if Dance Central were a launch title I’d have it on the Most Likely list, and probably pretty high up.
  • Need for Speed: Rivals – I’m no good at racing games, but I like to rent them and play for a few hours now and again.
  • Ryse: Son of Rome – I’ll probably enjoy this hack-and-slash, but it sounds more like a rental for me
  • Zoo Tycoon – I’ve never played a Tycoon game. I suspect it’s easier with a mouse and keyboard on a PC.

Most Likely

These I’m actually going to put in order.

6. Xbox Fitness – I’ve actually already downloaded this, but it’s going to sit at #7 for a while because I haven’t loaded it yet. It’s one of those “You know, I really should do that” things more than a “Man, I really want to do that!” thing.

5. Forza Motorsport 5 – I know what I just said about racing games, and it still applies, but if you’re going to own a racing game on Xbox, the Forza series is the one to have. Every collection should have a “serious” racer and some “fun” racers. This checks the box for serious.

4. Madden NFL 25 – My history with the Madden series is long and complicated – I played the very first one and several years’ worth after, but I much, much, much prefer the NFL2K series, as I think it plays much better and has better presentation. Since the NFL2K series doesn’t exist anymore, if I want to play football, I gotta get Madden. My brother and his family are planning to visit over Christmas, so it seems likely I’ll need to get this one before then.

3. Powerstar Golf – I hadn’t heard of this before looking up this list, but I’m sold. I like both serious and fun golf games, and this looks like it’s right up my alley.

2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – I almost got this for my 360 but figured I would hold off until the XB1. I love the series, even if I don’t love all the directions it takes.

1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Another one I almost got for my 360 until I learned it was coming to the XB1. As it turns out, this was my first purchase for the new system. I’ve only played two levels, but I already love it. Once I buckle down and really get to this one it’ll take a lot of my time for a long time.


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