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I guess I just like liking things

Over the weekend, Xbox Live Gold members who have an Xbox One were given the opportunity to play Forza 5 for free. It was a 40Gb download, but don’t look a gift game in the mouth, right? It took about 3 hours to get it downloaded and installed and I ended up playing it for somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. That’s not a very good return on download investment, but it’s a great return on the cost of the game for the weekend.

I have always been very impressed by the Forza series. They’re beautiful games, and they do a lot of things well — or so I’m told. I have the same problem with the Forza series that I did with the Gran Turismo series on the PlayStation: I can’t drive realistic car sims at high speeds.

Perhaps a video demonstration will help:


That video sums up my abilities pretty well. I had another video lined up, but I messed up the download, so you’ll just have to believe I’m terrible: in that clip, I roll the car by… braking too hard? I’m not entirely clear why it rolled, honestly. I think it might be because the game figured out I’m terrible.

I earned exactly four achievements in Forza 5:

  • Welcome to Forza Motorsport (5 points): Complete the very first race.
  • Start Your Engine (5 points): Reach Driver Level 1.
  • My Kind of Car (5 points): Reach Affinity level 1 with any car manufacturer.
  • Caboose (0 points): Finish last in a Multiplayer race.

Again, I’m pretty sure it’s a really good game. The cars and environments look great and there are tons of settings to fiddle with. I’m just not the target audience for it. The time I spent with it was about right, so thanks, Microsoft, for letting me try it out.

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