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Today’s guest writer is Meags, who has written a bunch of stuff for zwolanerd already and is super awesome!   On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there are two main love interests that woo Buffy at various points throughout the series. (I’ll discuss Riley later.) First is Angel, the brooding, dark, and handsome vampire, cursed with […]

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I hope you enjoyed watching Wonderfalls with me as much as I enjoyed writing about it. I thought that I would take a few minutes to write about the series as a whole, and discuss my favorite (and least favorite) parts of it. Favorite episode: For sure Cocktail Bunny. No other episode has the pacing […]

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SUMMARY While dealing with a shoplifter at Wonderfalls, Jaye is surprised when Eric and Heidi come in to buy souvenirs before they leave. When a Caged Bird tells Jaye to “let him go”, she tells him that she is happy for him and Heidi. Later, she breaks down in front of Sharon who encourages her […]

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SUMMARY Jaye, Sharon, and Mahandra arrive at a reservation for the Satsuma nation so that Mahandra can hand in an application to become a tribal member. As Jaye refuels their car, the Totem Mole calls over to her and tells her to go inside a tipi*. She does and talks to the woman inside, who […]

SUMMARY After reuniting Eric with Heidi, Jaye is on edge. She attempts to cause harm to and get rid of the muses in Wonderfalls, which culminates in her smashing several Wax Lions with the Brass Monkey. Jaye ends up back in Dr. Ron’s office, where she sort of tells him about the muses. Someone with […]