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I guess I just like liking things

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Batman is my favorite super hero. I was even forgiving of … well, let’s not go there. I have been reading and watching Batman related media for well over 40-some years. It is with this bias and experience I wish to write today. Like many of the trailers for upcoming movies, the one for Batman […]

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This weekend I watched Man of Steel with some friends. I’d seen it twice before, but it had been a long time (11 months) since I’d last seen it. I’ve read a bunch of reactions to it (previously on zwolanerd: Daniel’s thoughts on it) and we’re already gearing up the hype train for 2016’s Batman/Superman movie. I […]


Please welcome Daniel to the zwolanerd family! He and I go way back – he gave me my first writing job and I owe him a bunch. Glad to have him aboard and am looking forward to seeing what he brings. Be sure to check out his main blog! – Mark   I missed out […]