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We did 1989, so let’s just move on to the next year, shall we? We shall. First up, let’s look at the Top Ten Highest Grossing from the year: 1. Ghost, $505,702,588 2. Home Alone, $476,684,675 3. Pretty Woman, $463,407,268 4. Dances with Wolves, $424,208,848 5. Total Recall, $261,299,840 6. Die Hard 2, $240,031,094 7. […]

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This is a hard list! ¬†Bruce Willis has made a lot of movies I like. This list is inspired by the fact that I got the latest Die Hard movie on Blu-Ray for only $12, and even though it’s the least-good Die Hard, I still liked it. ¬†They should rename the series “The Increasingly Outlandish […]

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