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We did 1989, so let’s just move on to the next year, shall we? We shall. First up, let’s look at the Top Ten Highest Grossing from the year: 1. Ghost, $505,702,588 2. Home Alone, $476,684,675 3. Pretty Woman, $463,407,268 4. Dances with Wolves, $424,208,848 5. Total Recall, $261,299,840 6. Die Hard 2, $240,031,094 7. […]

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Last week’s viewing of The Last Stand got me thinking about Arnold’s movie career. It’s hard to believe he was in his first movie over 40 years ago (1969’s Hercules in New York), and it’s hard to believe his career path in general. He’s made some huge movies, but if you weren’t a teen in […]

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Arnold’s latest movie didn’t do so well this past weekend. $6.2 million puts it at #62 on the Worst Wide Openings list, and I don’t really understand why.  The first trailer I ever saw for the movie made me want to see it, and no following trailers changed my mind.  I knew exactly what I […]

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