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I guess I just like liking things

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You might remember a few months ago that I accidentally deleted my Minecraft save. If you don’t remember that then just know a few months ago I accidentally deleted my Minecraft save. I went through all five stages of grief, though I still struggle with Acceptance when I fire up a saved clip that shows my […]


Last night a traumatic, terrible thing happened: my Minecraft world got deleted by accident. I have no one to blame but myself, but I sat there shocked for longer than I’d care to admit. I still can’t believe it happened and I can’t process it. This first GIF sums up how I’m feeling: Nothing to […]

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I know I’m late to this party. The first post in the Minecraft thread on my forum is from four years ago. Everybody but me was playing on the same server and building these crazy ornate temples and towers. I read along and looked at all the pictures and watched the videos and was amazed/intrigued, […]

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Last week I bought Minecraft for my XBox One. I feel I’m pretty much the last person on Earth to play this game, but I’ve come to understand that’s how it works: stuff I like before other people do never lasts and stuff other people like I don’t get around to liking until pretty late […]

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