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I guess I just like liking things

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This isĀ old, but I just re-found it in my “make sure you post this sometime” folder, and I’m surprised I hadn’t posted it before. I’m not at all familiar with Edward Gorey except for all of the parodies and versions of things I’ve seen. I don’t know the originals at all. That doesn’t diminish my […]

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Click on that to read the comic (and then come back!). Poor Q*bert. Guy just can’t catch a break! The language barrier alone keeps him from finding new work, but now his age and his skillset are working against him, too. Seems like there isn’t much call for a pyramid-hopper these days. I’ve posted this […]

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This isn’t a huge entry, but I’ve been wanting to share this for a while and couldn’t decide on a way to include it in a larger post. Besides, it’s just so wonderful that it deserves a standalone entry. This person is watching through The X-Files and drawing a comic about each one, and it […]

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